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Walker Sandford Case Study

The Situation:

Walker Sandford, a Property Management Firm based in Glasgow was facing a real crisis. They were targeted by a Rip Off Britain style program back in early 2000’s and it wrecked their business. Even after Scottish courts deemed the BBC program as defamatory and incorrect, the BBC did not remove the program from their online archives and this continued to link the negative article to the Walker Sandford website. being a well reputed, high authority and credible news site, would be highly favoured by Google and any content generated by them will always be in top positions. Since Google keeps everything online, the negative article still showed up on page 1 search results 3 years after it was published.


So anytime someone entered the keywords “Walker Sandford” the top position in Google was the following article:

As a business owner, you can imagine how damaging this was to their reputation and their business.

So, when they approached Maya in 2012, the objective was to push the BBC article and several negative page one results to page 2 at least. This was a very challenging task as we were dealing with the BBC PR9 site and several Scottish news sites.

The Outcome:

Maya developed a counter negative reputation and high visibility strategy that would allow them to take control of their online presence.


Within a few weeks of the High Visibility Strategy being deployed, the BBC news article had been pushed down to the 5th position for the keyword ‘Walker Sandford’. What is yet more astounding, that this was achieved globally, not just on Google UK.

Within a week more, the article was pushed down to the 9th position for the keyword ‘Walker Sandford property factors’, another prime keyword which tied the company to the article.

That’s not all! Because of the High Visibility Booster and the choice of keywords, the company website not only buried the negative article in search engine results, but also started ranking in top position for prime niche keywords ahead of their competition.

Property Managers Glasgow – Position 1
Property factors Glasgow – Position 3
Property Management Glasgow -Position 1

It doesn’t stop there, for a few keywords the website occupied multiple top positions on the first page of search results.

Factor manager Glasgow Scotland – Positions 1, 2 and 3
Walker Sandford Factors – Positions 1, 2, 3 and 4

It only took 16 weeks to push the negative articles from BBC and Scottish News Agencies completely to the 2nd and 3rd pages. Walker Sandford dominated the Property Management/ Property Factor search results for over 64 combinations of their niche search terms. This led to a 300% increase in new business enquiries!

The strategy and practices deployed to achieve these results are even more relevant now than they were 5 years ago. Our techniques are completely Google proof! Shifts in Google algorithms will affect companies that are only sticking to doing SEO the conventional way. We go way beyond what traditional SEO companies do and are hence so confident that we can get anyone ranked anywhere for anything! We could tell you how we did what we did for Walker Sandford, but then we’d have to kill you…

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Maya stopped working for Walker Sandford in 2014. They have been inactive on their blog and social media since then. Even though they are still showing up on page 1 in high positions in Google, without fresh content being published, the BBC article has regained its position on page 1.


In addition, they are also showing up in Yahoo and Bing on the first pages for their desired Property Management/ Property Factor for Glasgow keywords. Since they are not attending to their Google reviews or reputation, they have nasty “1 star” reviews that show up with every search.

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