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Every business want to get more customers easily. Sadly most local businesses struggle with lead generation and finding new customers. So what can they do about it?

Whether you are trying give your business the push it needs, or use your lead generation skills to help out clients, when you hit the sweet spot the results can be highly satisfying. That is if you know what you are doing, and the whole thing doesn’t turn into a nightmare.

If you are already knowledgeable on lead generation, then you might not realise you are among the minority. Think about it, a lot of people (yes business owners) may not even know how to get started with lead generation. And why should they when they are busy doing other things like running their business?

That places you in a very unique position heads and shoulders about your competition before you even get started.

Now because getting new customers is one of the biggest pressures most business owners face I’ve put together a tried and tested, step by step lead generation formula for you to follow.

Here are the main pointers to help you get going.  Remember the team here are always available for a conversation, written or oral, to discuss your projects. Get in touch if you hit a roadblock, We are here to help, simply click the orange button.



Now, before you get started, be warned…

You shouldn’t expect your lead generation process to be a walk in the park. It’s not like you are deciphering the dead sea scrolls here; just realise that in most cases getting more customers into your sales pipeline will take time.

For the marketing newbie are other things you’ll want to keep in mind as well:

  • Make sure you come up with a product or service that you are genuinely interested in it
  • THEN make sure other people are interested in them too. Because if you are the only one, well…
  • You’ll want to consider if your idea is profitable. Check what people are searching for and if there is enough search volume. A lot of people find Google Keyword Tools useful, as well as SerpIQ, and I’m sure you would too.
  • Also, it wouldn’t hurt to find out if people interested in these products and services are searching with buyers keywords such as buy, shop, compare, deal, shipping, review. For example “buy stainless steel saucepan free shipping”.


Finding Your Business Name/Domain

If you are not set up online yet you will need a website with hot domain name. This is the one of the most elementary steps, but you want to get into  a branding mindset from the get go. Get a .com whenever you can. A address is fine fin the UK. My general advice is don’t concern yourself with TLDs (i.e .net, .co. us etc).

When it comes to website copy remember keyword stuffing, the ritual of adding a mass of repeated keywords to your web content is an out of date technique and will not do you much good these days. So I’d suggest that you stick with Google’s writing rules and get into the habit of writing for your audience – not trying to game the search engine bots.

If you do that then you will be ahead of the pack because there are still countless businesses that implement inbound marketing the old way, and are heavily under the impression that their content has to be dripping with keywords from start to finish.

It’s not like I’m saying keywords aren’t still useful. If your service or produce is in a specific location (city, or tight geographical area) — go ahead and throw it in your domain. However, if you have bigger plans for your site, then I’d suggest you reserve the city name for inner pages. Instead, prioritise your most vital single keyword for your domain.


Hosting and CMS

When it comes to choosing the ‘right’ host, we can discuss that forever. It will come down to what works for you. I’ve seen people complain about companies that have worked for me like magic. And I’ve seen people’s businesses flourish under companies I (personally) think aren’t everything they are cracked up to be in my own experience.

What I do have is some advice. Do your best to avoid sharing an IP with convulsive spammers, hackers, and anyone else who just shouldn’t be sharing with others in the first place. Load time will be SUPER important to the success of your site. So, whatever your decision will be, keep that in mind.

Oh, another thing, in the case where you are not some expert developer (I’m not), going with WordPress might be best. While WordPress doesn’t require you to be a pro developer, you’d best be selective when it comes to your theme. They are cases where your theme of choice might require a bit of work in order to achieve the aesthetics you see on the demos. If building pages isn’t something you consider fun in the least, then I’d suggest you avoid designing your own website altogether and go for a website design service.

If you do go ahead on your own my advice is to make sure you do your research, and also consider the responsiveness of your site. That way it doesn’t look like heaven on someone’s laptop, but look more hell for mobile users. And consider this…

If you don’t think looking good on mobile matters , back in November of 2016, Google announced that it was moving toward a “mobile-first” system of indexing, after using what could be called “desktop-first” indexing for its full history. It’s a huge shift – but it’s one that reflects the way users are searching the web today. So if you want to show up in search you had better be mobile ready.

Last point, don’t weigh your site down with plugins. Yeah, plugins can be pretty cool, but there’s nothing ‘cool’ about having a sluggish site that makes you lose out on a ton of business because your site is dloe to load up. It’s best to focus on making your site run as smoothly as possible to provide a great user experience.


Blog Like Crazy

It’s imperative that you put some great content into your website so you will need to  up your blogging game PRIOR to embarking on your lead generation endeavour. That means you should expand your keyword research. Google suggest, and related search results are a great way to get decent long tails.

But you don’t have to be quite as direct in your quest. Q & A sites may host common questions that are connected to your niche.  If you don’t like writing yourself you can hire copywriters to create your articles and come up with keyword rich dazzling titles that your target audience are drawn to like moths to a flame.

Remember you want this content to rank in search. That means you should optimise them just the same. Once you have created your content, get ready to publish.  You will want 20+ articles at the very least. You wont want to publish them all at once, but once you get started it’s best to blog regularly so you will want to loads of ready to go. Try and post one well optimised article per day. ‘Well optimised’ means that article includes a photo. This must be copyright free, and of good quality. There are a bunch of good stock photo sites out there. We use Shutterstock and have a monthly subscription that covers our content needs.

If your articles are around 400 to 500 words, one photo should do fine. If your site is content heavy, you might want to consider 3 or so per article.

Scheduling these articles to be published will save you time. That would be a good time to take care of outbound links, internal linking, image Alt text, and remember to keep the anchor text diverse.


Be Social On Social Networks

Before we even dig into the topic of how to go about lead generation on social media, always remember that a big part of being successful  is your image. What do I mean? Like many other things there is a science to how social platforms work. If the only people who are following you on Twitter is your mom and her mom, people are hardly going to take you seriously.

How much business and link sharing can you be getting when only two people in the whole of social media care about your company?

Here’s what I suggest for starters:

  • Create a few social media profiles (Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc.) and social syndication sites. (Get our cheat sheet here)
  • Add all social media logos (buttons) to your company website
  • Pay people with larger followings to promote your site (or get creative in other ways)
  • Get a social syndication plugin such as SyndLab or OnlyWire. These plugins promote your content automatically and are invaluable at helping your content go viral.
  • Connect these profiles with a tool like Hootsuite (that will make your social media life WAY easier)
  • Make sure not to centre your posts around promoting yourself (another key tip to success on social media is to be of value to the community. You can do this by promoting OTHER companies in the same niche. What you give comes back to you. It all comes full circle)

As we mentioned earlier, this all takes time, so rinse and repeat the actions we have discussed above and in a few weeks things will be looking good. Awesome. Now, while your content gains momentum, here are a few other things you will want to implement:

  • Your logo (get one done for cheap via a freelancing website – but don’t skimp on quality)
  • NAP (Your name, address, phone number should be consistent on all platforms and all websites)
  • Testimonials (striking social proof can make ALL the difference to your credibility) believe me
  • Meta data (Make sure your title tag includes business name, city and keyword/s) Same goes for your description and phone number
  • Contact Form – include a strong call to action, use an auto responder to collect the data do that you have a list of people to promote your products and services to once you are ready for that. (we have tried a lot of autoresponder services. After a lot of mess ups we now use and recommend MailChimp)
  • Landing Page – You need a short, to the point sales capture page. Keep the content concise, insightful, and perfect for conversion. People are on your site to learn about a service not admire your ‘prose’. Make sure that this is connected to your autoresponder.
  • Social Trust – A few tweets about your landing page exclaiming how awesome your business is can make a huge difference
  • Citations – These are simply occurrences of business data (off site) i.e name, address, phone number etc. Spread the love (NAP) on social media platforms and just about anywhere that makes sense. If you don’t have the time or inclination to set these up correctly yourself ask us about how we can help you with this (Link back to High Visibility Lander)
  • Complete your Google My Business Page
  • Go beast mode on some organic link building
  • If you don’t have the time or inclination to set up your local business listings correctly yourself ask us about how we can help you with this?



Once you have a solid site, and some decent traffic, all you’ll want to do is keep up the good work. More (quality content), analyse traffic data, optimise your Call Tto Actions (CTA’s), and develop a simple lead generation sales funnel. Of course, you also shouldn’t shy away from experimenting with different traffic sources.

Now, we understand that setting up a system like this seems like a lot of hard work. And to be truthful it is. If you follow what we recommend step by step you will get reliable results over time so it is well worth the effort. The sooner you start the sooner you will see results.


Here is the fast track way to get generate more leads and get more targeted customers

Most business owners have been led to believe that when it comes to online lead generation the strategy outlined above is the only reliable way forward. We would like to counter that belief for you and offer you a fast track solution that is bringing one of our own business over 300 warm leads a week.

Here at Purple Pico we have a proven High Visibility Strategy that circumvents the drudgery of conventional marketing. Put simply, we are able to catapult you and your business into pole positions where you want and need to be seen. This is precisely where your clients and customers find YOU at the very moment they are looking to buy your type of services.

We know that you work too hard to be wasting resources that are not pushing you forward so we would like to give you a hand to speed things up.


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