How you can generate hot local leads with Google My Business

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It goes without saying Google My Business (GMB) is invaluable to local lead generation and SEO. After all, without it, your business won’t be appearing on any local map listings in the search engine results page (SERPs) anytime soon. Seeing as that’s where Google displays a great deal of the local queries, it is essentially the place you want your business to pop up every time.

Funnily enough the Google My Business dashboard remains an underused feature.  When we consider that Google is the undisputed champion of local search, using it to bolster your presence and (eventually) traffic should be a no brainer to any switched on business owner. Still, many folks manage to overlook it as a business building tool.

Here’s some advice, don’t be like other folks.

But how exactly does Google My Business help you leverage local lead generation and  get more customers? That’s what I’m about to get into. Without further ado, let’s talk about how you can generate more leads using one of the best tools out there.


Connect with Customers based on Location

If your business appears at the top of a mobile app like Yelp, that can work wonders for you when customers search for local businesses. But what about customers who DON’T use mobile apps like Yelp or Foursquare. You’ve probably gathered, this is where Google My Business comes into the fold. In that it provides you with an advantage when it comes to customers who conduct generic searches (from nearby) without the use of mobile apps.

In fact, most searches aren’t executed via mobile apps, they are conducted via Google. Therefore, ensuring that you are properly listed could be one the best things you ever do for your business.

There are tons of potential customers out there who prioritise proximity when selecting businesses.  In fact most people won’t travel more than 5 miles to acquire a product or service. You can make their search for a quality service or product that much easier by optimising your Google listing so that you show up in Maps. Not only is this beneficial for landing last-minute customers, but also those who may be visiting your general location in the near future.


Prioritise Google Reviews

There are a few elements that will help customers determine what product or service they will choose. One of the most important factors that will come into play is review scores. Whenever customers search for a (nearby) provider, Google will present them with a number of options within proximity. This is when those top notch review scores will likely come in handy. After all, no one is out here chasing a 1 star company.


Transient Leads Make A Difference

Tons of businesses rely on passing trade for majority of their revenue. Chances are your business may or may not fall into that category. Tons of potential customers depend on Google’s results to find a business that close by when they are out and about, especially if they don’t know the area well.  If your business does depend on these types of leads, Google My Business will prove to be a great tool for brings your business to people’s attention just when they are looking to buy what you sell.

Besides, Google My Business isn’t asking you to blow your local lead generation marketing budget. Your listing is free after all. Nor do you have to worry about cost per acquisition. What you will need to invest here is time.


Being Second Choice Isn’t Always a Bad Thing

Being “second choice” can dent your ego a bit. But that’s mostly when it comes to relationships. Assuming you are not in a romantic relationship with these potential customers, I’m thinking being their option “B” won’t be too painful an experience.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not telling you to strive to be second to another company. However, there are cases where (no matter how good your presentation is) customers want some variety and choice and may prefer another option.

For example, let’s say a  customer is searching for a bakery close by. They have two options, they can opt for the first bakery they see as they are cruising through the area, or they can opt to shop in your bakery. Let’s say they end up trying out that first bakery but find that their service or product doesn’t quite cut it. Guess who they are going to come running to?



Conversion is Key

When it comes to the map and local business results, Google scores points for usability. Thanks to the information displayed within the map window, customers are allowed to engage with your brand with no hassle.

This information includes anything from hours of operation, reviews and contact information. As long as you have taken the time to optimise your listing and  include all those important details in your profile, consumers will have no issues connecting with your business.


Advantages of Google My Business

  • It is a FREE local lead generation tool.
  • It’s an inclusive business directory, super accessible to potential customers
  • Information is easy to consume no matter what device customers are using
  • Whatever information you list is clickable
  • You can use it even if your business is local
  • You are free to post pictures and videos to your profile (Just make sure they help your cause)
  • Google My Business can help drive traffic to your website
  • Customers can add reviews or see what others have to say about your service

Honestly, I could probably keep going here.


Things to keep in Mind

When people hear “SEO” or “Local Lead Generation” at first, this stuff can sound like rocket science. Naturally, some of us look to see some super technical, ultra advanced magical method to get this stuff done.

Here’s one of the best pieces of advice I can give — keep it SIMPLE!

What do I mean by “simple”?

  • Select a photo that will do your listing justice
  • Utilize social or Adwords (after learning popular times of day) to bring in more visitors
  • Encourage (not beg) local reviews from customers. Social checkins as well
  • Urge visitors to upload photos of your business
  • Build relevant citations with services like Yext (this builds up your business profile AND the physical location)

That’s just to name a few. If your jaw dropped when you went through that list, keep in mind I said “simple” not “easy”. I mentioned before, if you are a beginner at creating your listing and optimising it this stuff will take time.

In a nutshell, you want to have killer content, an awesome link profile and consistent, industry specific citations.


Oh and one last thing – Top of Search, The Fast Way

We all know how much of a headache it is to try to pop up on the first page of search. Most people will tell you that it’s a herculean task, all but impossible,  and that getting there will cost you a fortune. Luckily for you we specialise in local lead generation and we have a few well researched and proven tricks up our sleeve that can elevate your listing into that prized position, not with the snap of a finger, but generally speaking within 30 days.

Here at Purple Pico we have a proven High Visibility Strategy that helps you jump the queue. This is a professional local lead generation FAST TRACK approach that in almost all cases works without fail.

In addition to our Google My Listing service, we also bring you a second tier of specialised services that will totally secures your position in the Google 3 pack for years to come.

Whether you are curious, hopeful or sceptical click the “talk to us” button or give us a call and ask us how we can help you use Google My Business to get a fresh flood of customers through your door.



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