How to find more customers for your business (the fast track way)

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It’s no secret that the most difficult part of starting and growing a business is finding a method to get more customers.

It’s a crowded market place out there and customers won’t find you, your local store, your company website, your eCommerce site or Facebook page just because you have one. Having a great product or service isn’t enough to get sales.

As business owners we have look for new customers on a regular and consistent basis.  Lead generation and prospecting is one of the top 10 marketing commandments. This is true before, during and especially once your business becomes successful.

Like it or not, you have to get out there and promote both your brick and mortar location, and your online business assets to people actively looking for your products and services.

So how do successful businesses get more customers and ensure that the leads they acquire are targeted and qualified?


Here’s a 16 Point Tips List on the traditional method that successful businesses use to acquire customers.

And, despite what I am going to tell you later in this post, please don’t think I am knocking down traditional business wisdom. When it’s done professionally and consistently over months and years it gets results.


This is your starting point:

  1. Develop a plan.
  2. Look for and follow business prospects on social media
  3. Work your local newspapers.
  4. Be sure your website and social media pages make it easy for visitors to know how to reach you.
  5. Make a few phone calls.
  6. Follow up regularly on your leads.
  7. Sponsor Events that are of interest to your customer base.
  8. Attend meetings, meet ups and seminars that your prospects might attend.
  9. Follow up after meetings.
  10. Give a little to get a lot. …
  11. Grow and work on your personal network. …
  12. Study your successful competitors and learn from them.
  13. Advertise:
    • Use multiple small ads in print, Google and Facebook instead of one big one.
    • Test and the effectiveness of your ads
    • Know your numbers, analyse your ad ROI
    • Repeat the ads and actions that bring you customers and cash.
    • Follow up regularly on your leads
  1. Stay connected to your customers by phone, mail and email
  2. Rinse and repeat on the strategies that work.
  3. Drop the strategies that don’t.

It’s all common sense right?

So, here is my thinking on this approach.

The Pros:

  • You get to know your local business community
  • You can study your local competition
  • You may get a few good leads and personal referrals from non competing business owners
  • You find out what people’s real problems are and how you business is best positions to help them
  • Once perfected you will have a regular flow of leads

The Cons:

  • Marketing in this way is the long game. Prospecting in this way requires a huge amount of time and energy.
  • You have to invest a lot before you see the rewards
  • Only too often busy businesses owners find hard to maintain the cash and time investment and they give up before seeing profitable results.
  • Print and online advertising is a hit and miss affair. It can be expensive and offer a poor ROI if it’s not done right (and it and is rarely done right)
  • When it comes to a brick and mortar business you and your local competitors are all fishing in the same pond.
  • It’s not uncommon for competitors to steal or copy your best marketing ideas


So in a world where it’s such hard work to get more customers is there a more modern alternative?

I am going to tell you a few facts that we all know about sales in 2017.

The first place people look before they decide whether they want to do business with, or buy from you, is online.

  • FACT: Google is the leading search engine, and most business owners I know would give their right arm to occupy a pole positions in search.
  • FACT: Getting into the Google 3 Pack, or the “money pack” as we call it is the Holy Grail, because it’s the one key factor that reliably brings you fresh buyer intent leads without fail.
  • FACT: Getting the lead is not enough. It’s what happens in the mind of your potential customer before they decide to buy from you that counts.

Today’s market place offers consumers a lot of choice, and in our experience it is the businesses that manage to build trust and familiarity with these potential clients, before they walk through your door that clinches the sale. So what can you do in your business and marketing to help develop a more trusting relationship with a new client or customer before they even meet you?

The simple answer is to have sterling, solid, online reputation as the go to company that solves your prospects most pressing problems, and offers a professional, reliable, hassle free solution. As consumers isn’t that what we all want?


How to get what your business needs without unnecessary stress, hassle and expense

Now, most business owners think that to get these kinds of result they have to go through the pain of a website overhaul, SEO Audits, engage in several social media platforms and create masses of good quality content. .. and promote it.

Did your heart just sink? Just the thought of it sounds exhausting doesn’t it?

Yes, it’s true that all these customer getting strategies, when applied as a systematic marketing plan work well. But let’s face it… how many small businesses owners have, or make the time to plan a customer marketing and retention strategy as complex and detailed as that?

Here at Purple Pico we have a proven High Visibility Strategy that circumvents all that. Put simply, we catapult you and your business into pole positions. This is precisely where  your clients and customers find YOU at the very moment they are looking to buy your type of services.


How many new customers a month do you want?

This is a FAST TRACK approach that works without fail. In most cases you will see your Google rankings rise overnight. The phone will start ringing the very next day with new customer enquiries.

WARNING: This method is so reliable in helping you to get more customers that it may not be the right solution for your business. If you can’t grow to accommodate the rapid rise in new customers the results may be a little overwhelming.  We have had clients that have asked us to “turn off the flow” to give them time to catch up on all the new leads.


What else do you need to know?

We use a proven, Google loving method to get you more business – this works without SEO – without Google Ads – and without hassle.


What make our service outstanding?

Our high visibility services are guaranteed. If we don’t get it right the first time – we will do it again for you for free.


How we help grow your business over all

Purple Pico is not just a one trick pony.

In addition to our guaranteed fast track we also bring you a second tier of specialised services that totally secures your position in the Google 3 pack for years to come.  Want to know more? Click the “talk to us” button or give us a call and ask us how we can help you get a fresh flood of customers through your door.



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