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  • When it comes to getting the word out, Maya Mendoza is Outstanding! In this ever changing internet world we live in, Maya and her team know how to produce results for our Business needs everywhere. Social Media Marketing is very important and if you need a complete overview of your Business, Maya Mendoza will strive to inform and lead you in the right direction. Purple Pico transforms Business into success through: Advertising, Mobile & Social Marketing, Digital Marketing, Local SEO, Global SEO Marketing, Social Signals, Product Development, Lead Generation, Keyword Blogging, Copywriting and more. I personally want to Thank You for working with me and my projects. I will continue to seek your advice. Maya? Thank You and it's always a pleasure.

    Earl Harris Author - Balance of Masculine and Feminine Energy
  • In my relationship with Maya Mendoza and Purple Pico I've found a company of individuals that take action and deliver stellar results. We've been very impressed with Maya's mastery of search engine ranking and Local SEO (she knows her stuff) and how the team keep ahead of the changing SEO environment. When we launched our new line, I had a list of modest keywords in mind but the team at Purple Pico were more ambitious for me. I was rather skeptical, but WOW, I'm glad we went ahead. The results have been fantastic, hitting number at least the top 3 for everything targeted. I highly recommend their Local SEO services to other business owners I meet (as long as they are not in my vertical ) I highly recommend Maya!!

    Toby James Owner at Toby James International Photography
  • This amazing team managed to get us to top positions on Google for our top keywords and kept us there! I would highly recommend this company to anyone!

    Gabriel Townsend Quality Realty Service
  • In just a few months of working with this agency my company has seen dramatic improvements to our Google rankings and overall site traffic. The service we’ve received from their team has consistently been above and beyond our expectations.

    Matthew Lee
  • Maya is my #1 go-to expert when it comes to marketing and sales copywriting. I heartily recommend her for any marketing project as she knows marketing inside out. Hire her and you will see your dreams come to fruition very quickly. She is open, very driven, and her focus is laser like which is what we require to succeed in today's markets.  Based on her recommendations we started on a complete marketing makeover. This has resulted in positioning ourselves as a premium product, increasing our prices and getting better known in our niche.   On a final note: Maya's copywriting skill is exceptional. I know this because have taken a few copywriting courses in the past to help me determine the best copy for our products. Maya recently asked me for feedback on copy she had written for a social media product. Her copy was of the highest quality and readability I had ever seen. Try her out.

    Mark Davies CEO: Thriving Audios

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